SPACE GHOST: King like that don’t need hair. Speaking of hair, what’s up with your ‘do?
GEORGE CLINTON: Oh, my ‘do. Well, what comes around, went that way. And I can get around, you know what I’m sayin’?
SPACE GHOST: No. I wear a hood.
GEORGE CLINTON: You wear a ‘hood? I, I live in a ‘hood. You have a ‘hood, yeah, but how would I wear a ‘hood?
SPACE GHOST: It’s not hard. I take an entire neighborhood, put it on my head and dance around where the neighborhood used to be. The people who live in the neighborhood are terrified by my hopping, and some of them fall off my head and are trampled. It is then that the dance becomes a dance of sadness.
GEORGE CLINTON: Why are you tellin’ me this?
SPACE GHOST: Because I care about the innocent victims of my ill-advised dance of joy.
SPACE GHOST: Fries don’t come with that deadly shake.

That is all.

Random Silliness