Item the first: I ripped the living shit out of my back at the gym almost two weeks back, and finally knuckled in to Medical (whoop) Technology (whoop) and had an MRI today. Three disks are pooching out a bit, sad to say, one of them, the worst, ‘moderately’. Thus, the sciatic nerve pain literally in my ass. Good news is that my employer — KoreaHyperMegacorp® — has its own health centre (on our own reclaimed-land island) where I can get several hours a day of physiotherapy, and I’m starting with a personal trainer tomorrow to teach me how to exercise that spinal toothpaste right back into its hidey-hole, all gratis. So that’s OK, I guess.
Item the second: my friend-I’ve-never met, Adam Greenfield, is here in Korea and giving a talk based on his book Everyware at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon on Friday. Because I’m both in-bloody-capacitated, and in the middle of one of the busiest times of the year, I’m not gonna make it, nor it seems will I be able to sit down and consume alcoholic beverages and talk a few metric tons of shit with him, something that, if I’m to be honest, I was looking forward to even more. Ah crap, as my grandpappy used to say. Show up in my stead if you’re here in Korea; tell him the wonderchicken sent you.
Item the last: It’s my 41st freakin’ birthday tomorrow. Forty-two ‘Korean age’. The whole live-fast-die-young thing, I’m going to have to admit, has been a miserable failure.
Well, my testicles have stopped aching. And at least I’m not a dog in outer space.

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  1. Stavros – as someone who has had frequent bouts of sciatica and has permanent disk damage I can sympathize. If you’re capable of it I have found the following very useful for relieving the sciatica part as it stretches out the sciatic nerve running down your legs:
    Sit on the floor parallel to a wall about a hand’s width away from the wall. Lay down and at the same time swivel to face the wall putting your legs up the wall. Your butt should be no more than a hand’s width away from the wall. Try and straighten both legs as much as possible, if not possible then stretch one at a time. When leg(s) are stretched out flex ankle pointing toes as much as possible – hold each flex for 10 seconds or so. Do as many reps as you can.
    Hope it helps you.

  2. Oh, duder, the regrets are all mine. Feel better soonest, and we’ll get crunked the next time I’m morning becalmed. Which is looking like it’s gonna be sooner rather than later.

  3. Happy Birthday, Old Chook!

    Today is Stavros’ birthday. All sentient beings should celebrate….

  4. Happy Birthday, old chook! (There should have been a trackback by now, but I have an old install of MT and it didn’t publish the scheduled entry.)
    I shall hoist a glass in your honour this evening, and I hope that all will continue well in WonderChickenLand!

    Many *smooches* to you!

  6. Five percent through my lifespan, I reckon.

  7. Only five? What are you, a Kurzweilista?

  8. First nutache, now a killer ass. It’s always somethin, ain’t it? Don’t look now, but ze pain, she is travelling northward, no? Good thing you only have 95% more of your life to go.
    Happy Birthday, man. Just go with it.

  9. Frankly, I am scared to POST anything for fear there will be a permanent link to my desktop, e-mail, telephone, work computer, cell phone messages, credit card payments, car radio, or TV. So, my friend just told me a story about a blood clot developing in his leg with ultimate emergency surgery – twice. I have an odd looking bruise on my leg so I searched for blood clot and this is what I get. Hypochondriac? So what. Is it any worse than someone ending up at this web-site and periodically revisiting to read endless bantor – I think not. For all of you that hate America – I’d like to tell you “Go live somewhere else”, but that is not my style so instead I’ll tell you to deal with it or take a position to make a change. Did I type that? For those who are depressed, take antidepressants but go talk to someone…or perhaps air your thoughts in text on a WEBBED site and wait for responses…whatever works. For those who’ve lost people they love – I love you. For those that take beautiful pictures – you have been blessed. For those who are injured – may God bless you. For those who have posted a comment…may God bless me. I KNEW IT – No posty until I leave a link. I am having DeZaVu.

  10. Jeez, you get all types here, don’t you?
    Just dropped in to say a happy (belated) birthday and to wish you many more.

  11. Got the same problem as you. A “Repex” machine is really a good thing to try, just ask your Physio. Stretch your spine by hanging from something or supporting yourself between two bar counters. This sucks the prolapsed disk bulge back in together with the “toothpaste” as you put it. This treatment has fallen out of favour according to my Physio in NZ but I know that it does work for very good physical reasons, take my word for it.
    HTH Bob.

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