This late evening, reading AKMA, who was messing around with a lovely, famous phrase from the good Doctor W, made me want to make this. Just for fun. I like playing around with stuff.


Edit : While I’m at it, I also took some words from one of his recent posts and made this for Rageboy today, for Gary’s collage, because though I’ve never met the man, I love him, and it would seem that he’s very unhappy, and I have no idea what else I could possibly do.

Trippy Visuals, Man

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  1. …and no, I’m not sucking up to the Cluetrainers or anything of the kind (although I was talking olive oil and rubber sheets with He Who Rages over at Burningbird’s recently…)
    This is just the way my brain led me today.

  2. oh god, my knowledge of ancient greek finally comes in handy, and i can barely remember declensions. it hurts, friend. it hurts.

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