Shelley has asked : “If you work with Linux (all flavors), Darwin, Solaris, HP UX, FreeBSD, etc. – any version of UNIX – and you have a tip or trick based on the following subjects, could you please send me an email with your suggestion […] If you’re the first with a tip, I’ll make sure you’re accredited for it in the book. I need to get these chapters finished next week, so I’m hoping to get tips and tricks this weekend.”
If you’re one of them Unixfolk, please go help the ‘Bird – you’ll get a BurningBird™ Brand Flame Retardant Beanie*!
*not really, but you will get credited in her book.


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  1. Thanks for link! I sure wish I could get cafepress to make some Burningbird Brand Flame Retardant Beanies. Would be a kicker, wouldn’t it?

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