This thread at Mefi is worth following. Unfortunately, I am way too drunk at the moment to add anything worth saying to it, or process adequately what’s being said, but I’m also sober enough to want to bookmark it to read tomorrow when I’m more coherent. Please enjoy the words. Linky-dinky.


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  1. This has nothing to do with that thread. I’m just here to ask where in this ad ( is the girl? Do they expect someone to buy this camera for anything other than masturbatory purposes? Or is she hiding in one of those pictures? Is it like One-Handed Where’s Waldo?

  2. i lost my baby yesterday he split up wit me cos im a virgin. he says he still loves me but it isnt the right time for us!!! y does love have 2 hurt. i so dont belive in the sayin ‘its better 2 hav loved and lost’ cos it isnt. love hurts and if u dont love u cant get hurt!!! is it normal 2 wake up and feel sick and every time u try n eat u cant cos u jus wanna cry!!!??? i hate it. it feels like a crime 2 b a virgin!!!

  3. Is it really better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? well, To answer this, you would have had to have experienced both conditions: loneliness and love. So, i don’t suppose i have quite enough experience to answer the question accurately, but i can pretend to extrapolate and interpolate from what i do know.
    First, I know very little. If you can realize this, there is still hope. From this statement I proceed to say, i think i do love a girl, but, am afraid that i will lose her friendship…this, however, is the story of my romantic life. Everytime i try to get into a relationship with someone, i end up just there best friend. Now, i have many good girl-friends, none of whom see me as potential relationship material, and am too afraid that if i were to proceed in the pursuit of this one superior girl, i may alienate her and lose her as a friend altogether. Second, i have just been through a long depression filled with quite the drug regiment–mostly alcohol– which, in turn, caused me to repeatedly get sexually assulted by a girl of–not to put too fine a point on it– less than desirable physical appearance. In my particular social circle the sexual assult, though i have no recollection of all 3 times, is placed squarely on my shoulders and my reputation (what little of it remained in tact, at least) is now rather diminished into quite the lowest status possible. Which, as one may imagine, makes it that much harder for a guy with, in the parlance of our time, no “game,” to get a girl, much less THE girl. But I digress. All in all, i must say i have never loved, truly, in a relationship, and only know the ills of lust–despite the fact that it was not even my lust–therefore i conclude, it is safe to be alone, but, if you want to be safe, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing…be a living example of nihilistic existentialism. But, i assure you of this,–i remind that this is only extrapolation, and from vicarious experience–love can save all.

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