Sure, it’s memetic, and as I’ve mentioned before, deliberate meme-propagation makes my sphincter itch, but it’s a (marginally) interesting idea, this bloggo-pollo-zeitgeistical stuff. A little penicillin’ll clear that up, yeah?
Blogpoll : Have your say — The War on Iraq
Also : Current results – strongly against, at the moment.


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  1. those results, while completely unscientific, made me feel a bit saner today.

  2. Strongly against? What did you expect? The same people who would find this poll are the same people who frequent metafilter.
    If I lived on metafilter and only read that crowd’s blogs, I’d think the whole world was left and against the war.
    Then I step into the real world and realize how skewed my perception has become.
    And then I realize that, thank god in my opinion, those who would complete this silly poll are in the far minority.
    So if it makes you feel ‘sane’ to agree with a bunch of like minded individuals, then fine. Give each other high fives and pat each other on the back for being on the ‘good’ side.
    But this is as big a joke as holding a vote for ‘black history month’ at a klan rally.
    (it’s also a hilariously ‘late to the party’ poll. Most of the predictions of these voters have already been proven wrong.)

  3. It must be simply wonderful to be so confident in your superiority, Thomas. The rest of us, who are so blissfully unaware of what’s out there in ‘the real world’ will have to labour on in our tiny, benighted lives, free of the penetrating insight granted to those, like you, whose godlike perspicacity we can only dream of emulating.
    I will take a moment to mention, though, that while it is true that many pre-war polls of the American public showed strong (70 percent and higher) support for military action, and while it is also true that it’s still up in that range at the moment, apparently, it has also been noted by many that approximately the same percentage believes that Saddam’s Iraq had something to do with the September 11th attacks, which is pure arrant nonsense, as we all know.
    The natural conclusion is, I am forced to admit, that either a) The majority of the American public is stupid, b) The majority of the American public is gullible or c) The majority of the American public is gullible and stupid.
    Which one are you, Thomas?

  4. Your response had little to do with my comment, so maybe I wasn’t very clear.
    I won’t bother to debate the war, as I know your mind is set, and frankly, so is mine. I also have little doubt as to what you think of the american public, president, or military.
    My point was that the poll is completely and utterly useless. A poll that only pertains to and attracts like minded people is a waste of time. (If littlegreenfootballs put up a poll it would be equally useless. It cuts both ways)
    The humor continues as you point to the poll and comment on ‘the negative results’, as if there were any doubt as to the outcome. The poll is simply a giant circle jerk, and the results trivial at best.
    But hey, it’s your website. High fives all around. I’m sure a high percentage of your readers will vote and ,oh my, I wonder how they’ll vote!?
    But to use it as proof of anything, or to point to it as a moral lifter, is a sad case of grasping at straws.
    But not one to dance on your parade, I’ll let you bask in the polls glow, however irrelevant.
    Dance on.
    (by the way, as for this comment:
    “It must be simply wonderful to be so confident in your superiority, Thomas.”
    I have many different opinions on this war. Like almost everything in life, it’s neither black or white, it’s grey. I could argue either side. It is you who, after reading your site, seems completely confident that you are in the right, and that those in favor of the war are wrong. Your confidence in your opinions on america, bush, and the war are given in a rock solid voice. Perhaps you were looking in the mirror when you made that comment. I am unsure of many things in life. Of this polls validity, I am not. It’s crap.)

  5. “Your response had little to do with my comment, so maybe I wasn’t very clear.”
    The same could be said of your response to my initial post, amusingly enough.
    One makes one’s decisions about what one thinks is right, and then one waits for someone to teach them, through example or counsel, the error of their ways. One can do no more.
    With regards to Bush, to America, and to this war, I haven’t heard anything yet that begins to convince me that my opinions – inasmuch as they are mine and I don’t really give a shit if anyone agrees with them or not – are incorrect.
    And with regard to the validity of the poll, well, no shit, Dick Tracy. 134 data points (last time I saw) is inadequate for anything. Of course, by pointing to it, I may have been hoping that more data points would emerge, and the picture would become, as these things do, more accurate, at least as a representation of the audience to which it was pitched. That small point seems to have slipped by you in your rush to whip it out and start pissing.
    Perhaps I’ll learn from you, thomas, snide commentary and all. Maybe I can adapt your self-important strategy of proclaiming that something is shit, and ridiculing someone (like anna above) who has anything positive to say.
    Nah, fuck that.
    I don’t claim to be ‘in the right,’ thomas. I have thought long and hard, for decades, about what I feel is right, and I talk here about the beliefs I’ve come to hold, when the whim takes me.
    Usually I attempt to couch what I say in humour, because that is more fun than dour, judgmental arrogance like yours. Whether I’m ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is immaterial, except, it would seem, for people like yourself, for whatever reasons. I’m not interested in arguing, about the war or about some little blogosphere poll, not when the person I’m arguing with is unpleasant out of the gate, and actually taking the argument seriously.
    That said, disagree with me if you wish, criticize, even, if you must.
    But if you feel compelled to do so, do me the favour of attempting to be civil in the process, or I’ll jump up your ass, and tell you to fuck off, and it’ll all end in tears.

  6. It’s bedtime, and I’m closing the thread. Take it to email if you have anything to add.

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