lebowski.jpgNihilist 1: Vee vant zat money, Lebowski.
Nihilist 2: You think veer kidding und making mit de funny stuff?

I was somewhere wandering around penniless when The Big Lebowski came out, so I didn’t have a chance to see it. Over the next six months or so, about half a dozen old friends felt compelled, independently, to say : “Hey, Bosco! The Coen Brothers made a movie about you! You see it yet?”
Which I can see, now, to a degree, as I have been known at times to exude a long-haired, unkempt, pleasantly befuddled, dissipated-Jeff-Bridges aura. I do enjoy a cocktail or two from time to time. And Wacky Adventures™ are, after all, my stock in trade.
But have to come clean – I don’t smoke dope, I loathe bowling, and I’ve never had a ‘caucasian’.
[Muchas, like, gracias, Speedysnail]


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  1. I still use the line “For those into brevity, simply The Dude will suffice.” Just because it’s quirky, and I do quirky well.

  2. ‘The Dude abides’ always does it for me. (And how many of us don’t aspire to some degree of Dudeishness?)

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