Tim Bishop makes me feel all woogly inside :

I discovered the wonderchicken 6 months or so ago […] He has one of the truly distinctive voices writing on the web today, sort of a cross between Hunter S Thompson when he still had brain cells and Arianna Huffington in her current left phase. Highly recommended for a daily read.

Now, this guy, I like. I dunno who the hell Arianna Huffington is, and I’m too drunk to bother googling her at the moment, but the oldstylee HST reference is high praise indeed, and if you cast your eyes to the left, you’ll see that this is just the sort of thing that I thrive on. Most Blogstars, they won’t admit their neediness and self-absorption, but me? Me, I’ll tell ya the truth.
No, really.

People Say Stuff Sometimes

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  1. His writing is good, but his opinions remind me of myself during a confused younger age… lots of emotion and contradictions with embarrassing results.

  2. I’d venture that ‘lots of emotion and contradictions’ do not necessarily lead to embarrassing results.
    Although if you add booze into the mix, all hell can break loose. Heh.

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