Ladies and gentlemen, a new personal record. It’s been 3 count’em 3 days since I checked this account.

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  1. Impressive. Most impressive.

  2. As long as you answer my e-mails first…

  3. Of course, bearmeister!
    The amusing thing about this account is that I’ve never given it out, anywhere, ever, and only used it for business communications with HyperGlobalMegaNet, the company I used to work for in Sydney.

  4. Pfffft. That’s not so hot. You only have 1 measly msn announcement. It goes without saying that you must be a tad embarrassed by that.

  5. check out Mailwasher, it does pop3 mail today but hotmail by the end of this month hopefully. then you can play the spammers at their own game. most enjoyable.

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