Interesting, and quite odd. The usual, in other words.
Elementary school students in Busan and other parts of South Gyeongsang province are reportedly singing the praises of Osama bin Laden. School authorities in the province said they are working to discourage children from singing what they called a “Bin Laden worship song.”….The song, reportedly sung to the tune of the theme song of a popular cartoon, goes something like this: “Osama bin Laden, the person I admire most. I also want to be a terrorist when I grow up. President Bush, the person I detest most. I’m going to blow up the 63 building.”
This is very much cut from the same cloth as “Whistle while you work, Hitler is a jerk, Mussolini broke his weinie…” or a raft of other schoolkid songs we half-remember from childhood. The interesting thing to me is that “the Busan Police Agency and the city’s education office on Dec. 7 ordered schools to stop students from singing the song, calling it ‘potentially dangerous‘”. I imagine the scene at the local constabulary…
Corporal Kim is on the sh-t list for not meeting his quota of traffic tickets for the month. The Chief calls him in to his office, yells at him and whacks him over the head a few times with a rolled-up newspaper, then puts him on Elementary School Duty. “If you hear any kids singing that Osama song, Corporal, you bring ’em in, you hear me? Screw this up, and you’ll be hosing down drunks in the back room for the rest of your life!”
Update : Related, tangentially and less amusingly, was the stink over the astonishingly stupid “Hitler Bar” in Taegu a while back.