This comment was left recently by B. Rai, in reference to a half-remembered post I made some time ago at Metafilter which mentioned the amusing and odd TV commercials for Malacca Rattan :

Hello there,
I just did a google search on the old Rattan To Go ads and I’m afraid to say that you seem to be the sole authority for info on this on the net. Only four results were found, and I read your comments on I’m glad such a television treasure has not been forgotton!
I am an ex-pat Vancouverite living in London and working in animation. I saw these ads when I was a kid, but strangely they’ve stuck in my mind. The reason I’m writing is because I remembered this ad a while back and am basing a sitcom character on Blue Mancune, the star of the ad, who I believe lives in Vancouver. Unfortunately I cannot fully remember the lyrics to the tune. I’ve got:
Malacca for the money
Wicker for the show
——– to get ready baby
Rattan, to go
I’m trying to finish a script and this is driving me nuts. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks,
B. Rai

I can’t remember, but perhaps there are some other Vancouverites-of-the-80’s who can. Leave a comment if you can help, and perhaps the mystery lyric can be unearthed!
Tangentially, it pleases me greatly to be the sole authority on the net for something.


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  1. Goooo stavros!

  2. I woke up this morning with the ‘four’ in place of the missing lyric. But that doesn’t make sense :
    ..Wicker for the show
    ‘four’ to get ready baby..
    But I feel like it must be something similar….

  3. awrsome. google never fails. it’s Blu Mankuma, btw, not Blue Mancune. That might help.

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