Japanese researchers have found film footage in Pyongyang indicating the United States conducted germ warfare against China and North Korea during the Korean War.
Pretzelboy, of course, would never mention America’s role in the proliferation of this kind of evil while stumbling over the phonetically-spelled gradeschool-bully scripts his handlers have him mouth.
The wiggly lines emanating from my eyes indicate rage, contempt and hatred.
Edit : Now let me get this straight. Iraq’s use of gas has been repeatedly cited by President Bush and by his national security advisor as justification for ”regime change” in Iraq. But the New York Times is quoting ‘senior military officers’ as saying that “there was a covert U.S. program during the Reagan administration to provide Iraq with battle planning assistance at a time when intelligence agencies knew Iraqi commanders would use chemical weapons in waging the decisive battles of the Iran-Iraq war”.
That’s funny, isn’t it? Speaking of “regime change“….

The problem remains the practicalities. Whereas in Afghanistan the allies could rely on a local opposition force on the ground, no such scenario can be relied on in this case. The Spanish speaking minority in the south might be induced to rise up. There could be assistance from Minutemen in the mountains. But the democratic opposition is too defeated and divided to provide much help. The answer could be an “inside-out” strategy using special forces to take Washington and a few key nuclear bases. Provided the rest of the country was left to get on with its business, there would probably be little internal opposition to a seizure of the capital.
That leaves the substantial problem of an “exit strategy”. There is no point in a repeat of 1812. But the experience of America in Japan after the Second World War could provide a model. A period of occupation of five to 10 years could provide an opportunity to inculcate ideas of true democracy, with a fair electoral system based on absolute majority, abolition of the death penalty, introduction of unions into hi-tech industries and a break-up of the Zaibatsu, the overweening corporations such as Microsoft, Exxon and General Electric.
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  1. Just kinda curious… I wonder if this is valid? You think the American press would have jumped all over it, if such a thing were the case. I see no mention of it anywhere other than the article you link… if it’s true, I’m not extremely surprised, it does make me nauseous, though.

  2. We shall see. The source seems relatively unimpeachable, and things of this nature (do a search here on my site or on Google for ‘Nogun-ri’) rarely get much play in the American media…

  3. No, Nogunri got quite a bit of press for a little while. The problem is that the American media is like a flashpan… some story hits and it’s the biggest thing since JFK was killed for all of ten seconds, then something else happens and the media’s attention swings 100% in a different direction, never to return to the previous story.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the footage were legitimate. I would be surprised if any major nation on Earth with the capability to build chemical and biological weapons hasn’t at least experimented with them. Not that it’s right, mind you, but the United States is by no means alone in the bio-warfare club.

  4. Besides, I wouldn’t take any source that includes a “confession” by a downed airman as particularly trustworthy.

  5. no one ever proved anything about no gun ri. it was just a bunch of people trying to shake down uncle sam.

  6. That’s not true, and you know it, pukester.
    Here’s one random commentary out of hundreds available from reputable sources :

  7. http://www.army.mil/nogunri/
    here are a couple links for you. the official report of the army’s findings. the biggest problem with the whole no gun ri incident is that no one talked about it for 50 years. if a massacre had taken place (the second largest in american history if it happened), soldiers would have talked about it (as they did with My Lai in Vietnam) and there would have been an investigation.
    when i said no one proved anything, what i meant was.. if someone did prove something like the killing of 400 civilians.. then that would be a war crime. and if a war crime was committed.. then charges would be brought on someone.. there were no charges brought.. so it is a difference of opinion of events.
    ah yes.. the BBC. that bastion of anti-americanism. we should trust them to be fair and report accurately, right?

  8. Riiight…war crime charges would be brought against someone…that seems ever so likely, since as we speak, the American government is busily protecting its soldiers from prosecution for war crimes by refusing to recognize international law.
    And now the BBC is a “bastion of anti-americanism”? Jesus. You’re one scary individual, pukester.

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