I’ve said it before, and prompted by this unexpected piddling on my pompadour, I’ll say it again. I don’t hate Korea. What I loathe with a white-hot ass-blistering passion is stupidity and greed and cruelty and incompetence and unfairness and a host of other things that people do all the goddamned time, all around the goddamned world. If I lived in Burkina Faso (in the city with the most euphonious name, Ouagadougou), I’d be complaining about the Ouagadougouns. If I lived back in Canada, I’d be railing against the cretin up the street and the f–kwits in the government there. It is in my nature to kick against the pricks. The fact that those pricks surrounding me are Korean, as an outgrowth of the fact that I live in Korea, is merely an accident of geography.


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  1. And don’t stop kicking them either!
    I don’t think that you will run out of pricks to kick for quite some time, given my experience of modern Korean culture. The information in that MeFi thread about Korean education was interesting and partly explained why so many of my clients have studied things at university that are totally at odds with who they are.

  2. Damn Korean assholes killed 8 Japanese who were kidnapped from their hometowns in Japan and brought to that shithole of a nation ruled by that cabbaged haired zipperhead. Stupid Koreans.

  3. “i do”, i jus like to ask, if you know that united states divided our country into north and south; nouth being communist along with russia and china, south being democratic.
    so u might change that “Korean” into “North Korean”
    oh yea, in case you werent informed, have you kno that countless women in korea were raped to thier ass and played like a sex toy (more like animals) by japan? just like ones that are in china. they’re old now and their ass hurts even now when they pee. and guess wat? theyre werent no apologies or whatsoever about it. you dunno jack shit. so im sorry, but u shudn say things that u dunno the background of. and excuse my spelling errors, cuz im not in the mood to correct them

  4. I most likely won’t ever visit this page again, but I actually hate koreans. They are rude and impotent and they think that they are better than everyone else. Understand that their language came to be because the people were so stupid and couldn’t learn chinese, so they made an even easier language (no, I’m not chinese). I don’t want to talk about looks because that shouldn’t be the basis of an opinion. It’s through my understanding, and years of experience with too many koreans that I have come to the conclusion that they are arrogant and deserve to be mistreated. The LA riots would be an example. The koreans wouldn’t allow blacks to come into stores because they felt that the blacks were “dirty”. How stupid is that? I say that China takes over korea or we could just nuke them. It’s sad. Oh yeah, their language is really ugly too. I have to say that. Kinda sounds like a dying chipmunk trying to say it’s last words. The written language is kinda dumb too. What’s with all those circles? Anyways…yeah…ok…I have more to say, but it doesn’t really matter.
    P.S. – you can respond all you want, but I won’t be checking back. Have fun…buh bye!

  5. I really hate Korea. It is the most superficial, mindless country on the planet. Most of them have a huge inferiority complex and would sell their soul(if they had one) to bring any glory to Korea. Racist? Yes, more so than any other newly industrialized or industrialized nation. When Koreans move to another country such as Canada or America, they often hold on to their stinging hatred of all things non-korean. Learn their language, study the culture and you’ll find all their dirty secrets come to light. You like to beat your wife? Or drink yourself into a coma daily at your local whorehouse? Don’t worry it’s commonplace here. Are you willing to cheat or lie to save some face? Good, you’ll fit right in. A Korean family is a business. Make us look good for the community kiddies, the parents shout. Education? It’s a joke in Korea. Free-thinking? You’re not going to find it here. Friendly people? No, for the most part, stoned-face robots who love to talk behind each others backs. The Korean ideal is to show no emotion – someone needs to remind them that we are all humans. It’s truly a sick society.

  6. I am Korean also but Koreans are overbearing with pride. Yes, I kind of hate my own people because they think they are better than everyone else and many other reason. Because of them, Korean American like myself are getting mistreat because of their stupidity. They might be educated but they are so narrow minded. Well About Korean gettting a new language, they did that because they dislike chinese languages and the people. USA did not divide Korea but the Korean did it themselves. Korea has been divided for 5000 years and still divided.

  7. I also am Korean and sick of their narrow minded culture. Being Korean-American, and 1st generation I had to suffer through the bull shit culture in my homelife. It was tough to find my identity since my rediculous mother likes to jump to conclusions, worry too much, feed off of her emotions, call the police if i didn’t call back every hour, and shove the bible principles down my throught. Its ironic that she is very religious but makes jokes about blacks, whites, or anyone that isn’t korean. She claims that she isn’t selfish yet she won’t accept the fact that I want to join the military, and loves to talk shit behind other peoples back. I think that whole country needs a kick in the ass.

  8. I don’t like China or Chinese people because they have no souls. Lu Xun was right all along, the Chinese have no consciousness.

  9. I must admit that most but not all Koreans suck. Note that not all. I’m also a Korean-American and I think korean and their society is just a big thick shell with nothing inside. All they care about is how and what other people think of them. What they really are does not matter. Talk about superficial, damn people should get a mirror and do some self-reflecting. Sometime, I’m ashame to be called a Korean. What a shame.

  10. bitch asses. If your ashamed of being korean, then don’t say ur korean then. Just say ur japanese or chinese cuz dats even worse. I’m proud to be korean. ya’ll probably couldn’t even speak korean. Well, if u can’t then u ain’t korean.

  11. The best girl in the whole world in korean and I love her.

  12. You love my wife? Hey! Back off, dude!

  13. Every culture, Korean included, has its good points and its bad points. I myself am Korean-American and there’s good, bad, ugly and wonderful in the culture. Since when, to respond to some of the statements made on this sight, are other cultures extremely open-minded and loving of all creatures? You know the entire world could use more love, understanding, and compassion.
    There are stereotypes that exist about all cultures, and we all have them. It is our job to try to overcome the stereotypes to some degree. It doesn’t mean we have to work at it night and day 🙂 just try to give a darn that’s all.
    The way I have found to overcome some thoughts I had about different cultural groups was to go and live with them. I live in a house with Jewish guys, and by Jewish I am referring to Israeli men. I myself am a Korean-American woman.
    Its tough, believe me. At the end of the day, however, it is NOT our respective ethnicities that make communication and understanding somewhat strained. It is actually our GENDER difference.
    If anyone has any suggestions on how we can bridge the gender gap, your suggestions would be great.

  14. This thread has been closed to new comments, as it was being colonized by racist drivelers. I don’t have the time or energy to monitor it.
    Thanks to everyone reasonable who contributed.

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