A little summary of some of my thematically linked wanderings this evening…
Student to be put on trial for heckling Bush I…

..”At some point I think Bush made a reference to Nicaragua,” said Kenneth Houp, one of Markovich’s attorneys. “That’s when Markovich stood up and yelled (an expletive) and was hauled off by the gendarmes.”

What was that pesky f–king thing called again? The constitution?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Bill Bennett to Noam : Jane, you ignorant slut.

“Noam Chomsky : …Well, for example, the United States happens to be the only state in the world that has been condemned by the World Court for international terrorism, would have been condemned by the Security Council, except that it vetoed the resolution. This referred to the U.S. terrorist war against Nicaragua, the court ordered the United States to desist and pay reparations. The U.S. responded by immediately escalating the crimes, including first official orders to attack what are called soft targets — undefended civilian targets. This is massive terrorism.”
Bennett : Yeah, well you’re a big poopyhead! Nyah!†

Bush II, meanwhile, is back to his usual jukes-and-kallikaks action :

“During a conversation between the two presidents, George W. Bush, 55, (USA) and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 71, (Brazil), Bush bewildered his colleague with the question “Do you have blacks, too?”

As the search for a scapegoat other than the blindingly obvious unelected pResidential one really gets underway :

Dear Director Mueller:
I feel at this point that I have to put my concerns in writing concerning the important topic of the FBI’s response to evidence of terrorist activity in the United States prior to September 11th. The issues are fundamentally ones of INTEGRITY and go to the heart of the FBI’s law enforcement mission and mandate.
To get to the point, I have deep concerns that a delicate and subtle shading/skewing of facts by you and others at the highest levels of FBI management has occurred and is occurring.
I feel that certain facts, including the following, have, up to now, been omitted, downplayed, glossed over and/or mis-characterized in an effort to avoid or minimize personal and/or institutional embarrassment on the part of the FBI and/or perhaps even for improper political reasons…

What is happening to your country, my American friends? How sad it is to watch it all fall slowly apart.
†OK, I made that part up. See, I told you I wasn’t a journalist!